Big Lean Ft. PartyNextDoor – Stamina (Remix)

Big Lean Ft. PartyNextDoor – Stamina (Remix)

PartyNextDoor hops on Big Lean’s “Stamina (Remix).”

Fresh off his P3 mega wave, PartyNextDoor gets on his flashlight game, shining waves of attention on Toronto’s Big Lean, hopping on the new artist’s “Stamina (Remix).” With a dancehall vibe that Toronto has become known for, the two artists make an ultimatum with their lovers, demanding more than a bare minimum of persevering effort in the bedroom. Find out next time how these ladies shape up.

Give PartyNextDoor and Big Lean’s “Stamina (Remix)” a listen, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Is Big Lean going to buzz his way out of the Toronto landscape?

Quotable Lyrics:

Young and impressive, yeah yeah
Young and interesting, yeah yeah
Gonna need a detective, no
I choose you ’cause you’re pretty, boo