ZHU – Nightcrawler



ZHU – NightcrawlerZHU – Nightcrawler

Brand new banging single from ZHU titled Nightcrawler  in a song rumored to be taking shots at the chain smokers. The enigmatic producer maneuvers his marketing plan in such a way that is more artistic than it is “viral” or gimmicky. Wish the same could be said for Marshmello… And while the initial potential was high for Marshmello’s branding, overtime his unmistakable “candy” house style became commercial and formulaic. ZHU’s darker house aesthetic, however, has long carried an underground quality that has kept his brand consistent, careful, and conscientious.

Nightcrawler, I am the enemy
Nightcrawler, why are you following?
Nightcrawler, is it almost my time to go?
Nightcrawler, I have a devil in me
Nightcrawler, is this the death of me?
Nightcrawler, is it almost my time? – ZHU


Listen ZHU – Nightcrawler Below

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