Dillon Francis ft. G-Eazy – Say Less



Dillon Francis ft. G-Eazy – Say LessDillon Francis ft. G-Eazy – Say Less

Dillon Francis join forces with G-Eazy for a brand new one titled Say Less, the two joined forces to make this one a good one, say less is definitely one of those feel good songs filled with great energy.

Hot off his Step Brothers EP with Carnage, G-Eazy pops up on “Say Less,” an energetic collaboration with Dillon Francis.

The song’s bright, colorful, and dizzying lyric video features balloon smiley faces with human hands doing sign language. The balloon people dance, cook, and play thumb wars before ultimately popping themselves in the end.

Meanwhile, Young Gerald reps his beloved Bay Area. “Look baby, pass the Stella,” he raps. “Don’t spill on me, that’s Margiela / Got this Oakland game to tell her / Goddamn, she look familiar / Think we hooked up at Coachella.”


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