Lil Baby Ft. Drake – Yes Indeed



Lil Baby Ft. Drake - Yes IndeedLil Baby Ft. Drake – Yes Indeed

Lil Baby taps Drake for his new single Yes Indeed, the rappers both go hard on this wheezy produced track.

As you probably heard already over the Wheezy production, Drizzy reflects on entering his 10th year in rap game but still feeling young at heart creatively. “Life is amazin’, it is what it should be/ Been here for 10 but I feel like a rookie,” he spits, while later referencing Weezy F, Boogie, & Lil Baby in the process. “It’s me and Lil Baby, this shit goin’ crazy/ Wheezy produced it and Weezy F. made me,” Drizzy adds. Meanwhile, Lil Baby handles the second verse rapping about his newfound fame & lavish lifestyle. ”I’m gettin’ money like I’m from the ’80s/ Me and Drake ’bout to drop, man, this shit gon’ go crazy/ They know I’m the truth, comin’ straight from the basement” he raps.


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