DRAM Ft. Ant Beale – Celebrate Life



DRAM Ft. Ant Beale - Celebrate LifeDRAM Ft. Ant Beale – Celebrate Life

DRAM links up with Ant Beale for a brand new single titled Celebrate Life, the track was produced by Charlie Heat.

Right after DRAM “toasts his glass to you,” he’s lamenting the fact that we lost “too many good people this year” and Ant Beale chimes in, saying there’s “too many people we wish was still here.”

Charlie Heat’s production is loud and rolling with some standout piano and latin-sounding percussion audible in the more pared-down sonic moments. In other words, it’s just about the opposite of his famous, minimal “Charlie Heat Version” of Kanye West’s “Facts.”

Song Lyrics

I’m like ‘oh my goood’ I’m the shit
Walk up in the spot and what it is
All my homies ballin, you tossin’ bricks
I’m not on the blooock, I’m settin’ picks

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