ALBUM: M.I. Abaga – Yung Denzel



ALBUM: M.I. Abaga - Yung DenzelALBUM: M.I. Abaga – Yung Denzel

Nigerian rapper M.I. Abaga releases his new album titled Yung Denzel. The project follows up Rendezvous which dropped earlier this year, it’s laced with 10 tracks in total. It also features Tay Iwar, Cina Soul, Niyola, Odunsi the Engine, Patricxxlee and Lady Donli. The Chocolate city music CEO definitely delivered on this one.

This album which he tags ‘A Study on Self Worth’ is supposed to be a defining one, one where he sheds his scales and allows his vulnerabilty as a human take center stage.

The song opens with Tay Iwar’s soothing vocals, this is enchanting, the drums are building slowly underneath as he asks where is your worth?

MI is rapping, he is philosophical, the second verse is asking intriguing questions, pointing a finger at the Black man.

A voice is speaking, touching on two major issues; an identity crisis and psychological hopelessness.

”Until we hate racism more than we hate each other, nothing is going to change”, the voice says. This is a therapy session, MI is talking, there is a female voice talking back.

He uses this 4minutes 54 seconds long first track to perfectly lay the template for the direction the project has been geared. – MI Abaga – Do you know who you are’?

ALBUM: M.I. Abaga – Yung Denzel Tracklist below:

1. Do You Know Who You Are? Take Some Time and Meditate On You // DOWNLOAD MP3

2. Last night i had a Dream about a HummingBird // DOWNLOAD MP3

3. You Rappers Should Fix up Your Life // DOWNLOAD MP3

4. Another thing! Do not be a groupie // DOWNLOAD MP3

5. Stop never second guess yourself // DOWNLOAD MP3

6. You are like Melody, My Heats Skips a beat // DOWNLOAD MP3

7.  +- ft. Odunsi The Engine Lady Donli // DOWNLOAD MP3

8. I believe in Me, You Should too, Believe In You // DOWNLOAD MP3

9. The Self evaluation of Yung Denzel // DOWNLOAD MP3

10. Love Never Fails, but where they are Prophecies Love will Cease to Remain // DOWNLOAD MP3


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